Boosting Our Economy - Celebrating Our Culture - Enhancing Our Children's Education

Boosting Our Economy - Celebrating Our Culture - Enhancing Our Children's Education

Filming in Northern Ireland

Bullying and Harassment

The bullying, sexual harassment or assault of anyone of any age is unacceptable.

Northern Ireland Screen has developed Standards of Behaviour with the NSPCC for the safeguarding of screen industry personnel.

These Standards of Behaviour are intended to safeguard the welfare of ALL personnel, particularly young adults (18-25), working in the screen industries by protecting them from physical, sexual and emotional harm.

Where we refer to ‘the screen industries’ or ‘production’ we mean factual or fiction film, television or digital content (including, Video Games, Interactive, VR, AR and AI Content) produced in either live action, animation or both. Where we refer to ‘personnel’ we mean cast, crew (including employees of suppliers), freelancers, supporting artists and everyone ‘above the line’.

We are committed to:

  • Taking the interests and well-being of young adults into account.
  • Respecting the rights of the young adults with whom we work.
  • Taking all reasonable practicable steps to protect ALL personnel from physical, sexual and emotional abuse.
  • Promoting the welfare of young adults and their protection by those in a position of trust.

All personnel in the screen industries, particularly those who work with young adults, are responsible for putting these Standards of Behaviour into practice.

It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that:

  • Their behaviour is always appropriate.
  • They observe the rules established for the safety and security of young adults.
  • They follow their production’s procedures following suspicion, disclosure or allegation of abuse of anyone of ANY age.
  • When working with young adults, they recognise the position of trust in which they have been placed.
  • The relationships they form with the young adults with whom they work are appropriate in every respect.

These Standards of Behaviour have been developed using existing guidance and principles set out by the BFI & Bafta principles to tackle and prevent bulling and harassment in the screen industries. They are additional to those principles.

Key Resources and Support

The Film & TV Charity have a Support Line, open 24/7. Call on 0800 054 0000 or use the chat function on via their contact us page.

They have also built SPOT a tool that helps you to anonymously record your experiences and thoughts. Each record remains completely confidential within the system, only accessible to you.

ACAS have a comprehensive list of specialist help and support available for anyone affected by sexual harassment.

If you’re struggling to cope and need someone to talk to, you can contact Samaritans or the LGBT Foundation.

You can get help and information from the following organisations after sexual assault or rape:

For Support Contact Numbers and Agencies, you can find details here.

For BECTU members, you can seek help for harassment and bullying here.

End Violence Against Women Coalition has a list of specialist resources.

PACT Diversity, Anti-Harassment and Bullying Policy, a free downloadable template here.

Women in Film & Television UK can access the Resource Hub.

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