Boosting Our Economy - Celebrating Our Culture - Enhancing Our Children's Education

Boosting Our Economy - Celebrating Our Culture - Enhancing Our Children's Education

Skills & Training

SCREEN Cluster

The SCREEN CLUSTER is an initiative designed to identify skills shortages and co-ordinate skills and training opportunities for crew in Northern Ireland.

Funded by National Lottery funding from the British Film Institute (BFI) and delivered by Northern Ireland Screen in consultation with industry, the SCREEN cluster will support the skills development and professional growth of local crew and aspiring crew.

In line with UK-wide screen industry initiatives to create a more inclusive industry we will prioritise applications from underrepresented groups.

SCREEN is one of six skills clusters across the UK.

SCREEN’s mission:

To elevate the skill set of crew in Northern Ireland we’re implementing a three pronged approach:

  1. Pathways to success: bridging the gap between education and the screen industry – Discover an array of carefully curated pathways that bridge the gap between education and the ever-evolving world of the screen industry. From school leavers to further and higher education students, pathways will familiarise students in non-industry centric courses with the potential roles they could explore in the industry.
  2. Continued professional development: unlock your potential – If you are already part of the screen industry and looking to take your career to the next level, our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programs are tailor-made for you. Address skills and knowledge gaps, enhance your expertise, and stay ahead in a rapidly evolving landscape through skills focused workshops from business affairs to leadership, wellbeing to sustainability.
  3. Innovative technologies: future proofing Northern Ireland’s screen industry – We’re supporting crew to upskill in innovative technologies such as Virtual Production, Visual Effects and Postproduction to ensure that you’re equipped to seize the opportunities presented by advancements in the field. Gain hands on experience with cutting edge tools and techniques while learning how to leverage innovative technologies giving you a competitive edge and allowing you to collaborate on a global scale.

Industry Consultation 

We’re seeking proposals from industry to inform the training offered across all three strands of the SCREEN Cluster initiative. If you’d like to help shape the industry download the guidance notes, and submit a proposal to [email protected].

Current Training Sessions

Check out the current training being offered as part of the SCREEN Cluster initiative here.

Stay Informed

The SCREEN Cluster will identify training opportunities for below the line crew. To stay informed of the latest opportunities, sign up here. 

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