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Boosting Our Economy - Celebrating Our Culture - Enhancing Our Children's Education

Ulster-Scots Broadcast Fund


The Ulster-Scots Broadcast Fund (the ‘USBF’) provides finance for the production of film, television and digital projects relating to the Ulster-Scots heritage, culture and language in Northern Ireland. As of 31st Jan 2024, the USBF has supported 280 hours of television, radio and digital content.

The overarching aim of the USBF is to ensure that the heritage, culture and language of Ulster-Scots is expressed through moving image. As a support to the primary aim, the USBF is also open to supporting radio content produced for BBC Radio Ulster; other local commercial stations and/or community radio.

For details on the latest priorities of the USBF, please read the USBF Priorities document. Specific calls will be announced throughout 2024 and details of which will be available in the Funding section.


The objectives of the Ulster-Scots Broadcast Fund are as follows:

  • To deliver at least 10 additional hours of Ulster-Scots moving image programming per annum;
  • To deliver at least 2 Ulster-Scots radio projects per annum;
  • To deliver at least 5 digital content projects per annum;
  • To broadcast 90% of the USBF funded programming within 9 months of delivery;
  • To reach a significant Northern Ireland audience, primarily but not exclusively through broadcast television, with an average per programme audience target of 40,000;

General information on applications to the USBF

  • The USBF will organise a minimum of two funding calls in 2024/25. Please refer to the Funding section for further information on call dates.
  • Normally production companies must submit applications to the eligible broadcasters in advance of submitting applications to the USBF.

For further information on the USBF please refer to the USBF guidelines and USBF Priorities document.

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