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Boosting Our Economy - Celebrating Our Culture - Enhancing Our Children's Education

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CINE – Creative Industries New Entrants

The Creative Industries New Entrants programme (CINE) is a new initiative which aims to broaden access to the screen and creative industries at entry level.  Funded by the Department for Communities and working in partnership with BBC Northern Ireland, the scheme will help identify new talent. In line with UK-wide screen industry initiatives we will prioritise applicants from underrepresented ethnic minority, socio-economic, and disabled communities, to expand our growing creative industries sector and create a more diverse generation of ‘New Entrants’ of all ages.

CINE participants will receive formal training covering necessary skills relevant to the role they are recruited in. For example, production techniques, idea generation, technical skills, communication skills and teamwork etc. They will then be given the opportunity to put these skills into practice in paid 12-18 month industry placements. Training plans and a mentor will be provided to support the participants during their placements. At the end of their time on CINE, participants should be well equipped for a freelance career within Northern Ireland creative industries.

Please register your interest HERE to be notified for any upcoming opportunities for the CINE Programme.

The latest CINE opportunities can be found in the vacancies section of our website.


When does CINE commence and how long does it run for?

CINE launched in April 2022 and will run for at least three years.  Workshops, training and job opportunities will be scheduled during that time. The aim is to create at least 100 new entrant training and job opportunities across all the creative sectors by March 2025.  The next recruitment round is scheduled to commence in July 2022. (Check regularly on this page or follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for updates).

Is there an age limit?

No, however, you must be at least 18 years old and no longer in full time education.

Do I have to be a student/have a degree or any qualifications?

No, CINE is open to anyone regardless of educational background. We are interested in your potential.

Do I need experience of working in the creative industries?

No, CINE is open to anyone who would like to learn more about the creative industries and the various roles across the creative sectors.  It is particularly aimed at those who have no professional experience. If you’re looking to change career, we want to hear from you too.

I have previous experience of working in the creative sectors can I still apply to the programme?

Yes, however those with no previous experience or who are from a minority or disadvantaged background, will take priority.  Northern Ireland Screen has similar new entrant schemes which may be better suited and are designed to attract applicants who have limited relevant work experience or have trained or studied for industry roles.

How many job opportunities will there be?

We intend to create up to 100 training and job opportunities by March 2025.

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