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Boosting Our Economy - Celebrating Our Culture - Enhancing Our Children's Education



ScreenWorks: Make a start in the screen industries!

Take your first steps towards a career in the screen industries with ScreenWorks, the groundbreaking initiative funded by the Department of Communities through Northern Ireland Screen and delivered by Into Film. Designed to ignite the aspirations of young people aged 14-19 across Northern Ireland, ScreenWorks is your ticket to unlocking reels of career opportunities and discovering the magic behind the screen.

Unparalleled access to industry professionals

Dive headfirst into the heart of the action with ScreenWorks placements, offering you exclusive access to experts from across the screen careers and all five of Northern Ireland’s dynamic screen sectors – Film, Television, Animation, Gaming, and Visual Effects. Work alongside the professionals that have made our industries so successful, as you embark on thrilling 3-5 day hands-on work placements available throughout the year.

Find your pathway

ScreenWorks is an opportunity to learn, grow, and shape your future career. From the enchanting realms of Costume Design to the adrenaline-fueled landscapes of Game Development, our diverse range of programmes ensures there’s something for every aspiring screen enthusiast. Explore the art of Storyboarding and Concept Art, unravel the secrets of Visual and Special Effects, or venture into the captivating world of Camera Operating – the possibilities are endless!

Creativity isn’t all about “creating”  

Whether you consider yourself artistic or not, there’s a place for everyone in the screen sector. From the meticulous organisers to the assertive leaders who keep productions running smoothly, the screen industries thrive on a diverse range of talents and skills. That’s why ScreenWorks offers programmes tailored to individuals interested in roles such as Location Scouting, Sustainability, Production Coordinating, and Production Accounting.

Other roles explored include:

  • Production Design
  • Prosthetics
  • Make-Up
  • Production Management
  • Animation
  • Story Development
  • and much more!

Free and accessible for all

Into Film is committed to removing obstacles and making the screen industries as accessible as possible for everyone. That’s why our programmes are absolutely free, ensuring that every young person has the opportunity to explore their potential without constraints. With our travel bursary for public transport in Northern Ireland, travelling from different cities and towns becomes a breeze – because nothing should stand between you and your dreams.

Apply Now and make a start!

Excited to embark on this thrilling expedition into the world of screen industries? To kickstart your journey and unleash your potential with ScreenWorks, visit the Into Film website (ScreenWorks | Northern Ireland Film Industry Work Placements – Into Film) to check out our upcoming programmes.

Do you have questions?

Want to know more? Or are you eager to check on your application status? Contact the ScreenWorks Team at: 07936 361786 or email [email protected]

To keep up-to-date with our latest news, follow us on: 

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Please note that ScreenWorks programmes do not take place in the Northern Ireland Screen offices. Venue information for each programme will be provided to all successful applicants.

Don’t just take our word for it…

ScreenWorks Participants Testimonials:

 I had so much fun creating storylines for film and production ideas, and made some really good friends immediately, as I was in a room of people who all love what I love.

As well as an amazing experience, doing the ScreenWorks course gave me credibility with my university applications, which landed me an unconditional offer.

– Emily, Story Development ScreenWorks Participant

 “I loved every minute of the work experience programme; it gave me great insight into the career and I had so much fun along the way. I met great people and learned so much in a week I wish could have went on longer. Would recommend this programme to anyone would has an interest in the film industry.”

-Molly, Hair & Make-Up ScreenWorks Participant

 “My favourite part was getting to look around the prop house because there was so much to look at and it was so interesting to see what is needed to make a film. It was also amazing to meet people who work in the film industry, to find out what they do every day and how they got into it as there were so many different routes people took to get to where they are today.”

-Emily, Props & Set Design ScreenWorks Participant

 “I absolutely loved every minute of my experience. I learned so much about the animation industry, both in Ireland and further afield, without it feeling like a school day or a lecture. I feel a lot better informed about how to get into the creative industries now. ”

  • Kezia, Animation ScreenWorks Participant

 “I think working with other people is a great way to get creative juices flowing. This made the experience really good for inspiration…I think having someone so established leading the workshop made the dream of working in film seem more achievable. ”

  • Joe, Script Development ScreenWorks Participant

 Industry Testimonials:

“Often career guidance given in secondary education overlooks the possibilities available within a growing industry here, this is perhaps due to the lack of knowledge of the different job positions that make up a film production.  I really feel that ScreenWorks is working towards bridging that gap, and the possibilities are exciting and varied!”

  • Clare Ramsey, Prosthetics Make-up Artist,

“We think the ScreenWorks programme is a critical programme for young people pre-university to get the chance to sample areas of interest before making the plunge into a full three- or four-year course. Getting out into industry and meeting people in the companies, seeing the real productions and being able to work on site is such an exciting mode. This taster-type approach allows the participants to quickly find out if this is an area they’re interested in learning more about and eventually working in.” 

  • Fionnuala Deane, Managing Director, Dog Ears Animation

 “I thought it was an excellent opportunity to inform pupils about our industry and the opportunities it can bring. I hope the course will inspire some of the attendees and hopefully someday one of them will be sitting in an accounting office working on a TV/Film in Belfast.”

  • Seamus Devine, Financial Controller

 Educators Testimonials:

“The ScreenWorks programme gave our pupils an opportunity like no other. ScreenWorks provided them with the chance to learn from industry specialists and helped them to understand how to hone their skills to gain employment in this field. The pupils came back to school energised, confident and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend this programme.”

  • Nadine Roddy, Teacher, St Joseph’s Boys School Derry

“Students are led on an intense practical workshop based learning which prepares them for life in the chosen industry. The students came back focussed and determined to attain a place on university courses or higher-level apprenticeships in these areas. As a teacher they developed their skills in communication, teamwork, leadership, respect and it also had a massive impact on the pupils’ self-confidence and self-belief.

  • Paddy Cassidy, Teacher, Malone Integrated College

“. In terms of organisation, I had nothing to do. My student applied himself and all the organisation was done by ScreenWorks. He was delighted on return to school and really saw his experience as beneficial. He was also sharing photos and videos with his peers who were in school, during his work experience session, and they were most envious of the experience he was gaining. I can’t speak highly enough about this programme, and I hope some of our students engage with it in the future.”

  • Sarah Duke, Teacher, Lurgan College

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