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Stellify Media and Acclaimed Content announces first digital commission, Get in the Van, with Channel 4.0

Date Posted: December 8, 2022

Stellify Media, the Belfast-based indie, and Birmingham based Acclaimed Content have announced their first commission from new digital-first brand Channel 4.0, Get in the Van.

In each of the 6 x 20 min episodes, we are in a different UK town, where two teams will compete to find three extraordinary strangers of diverse looks, shapes, sizes, and behaviours, and get them to travel round with them in a Transit Van, before a final showdown at dusk where we see who’s won. Filming has taken place in Wembley, Watford, Chelmsford, Tottenham, Brighton and Hackney.

The series is presented by Spuddz and America Foster and teams consist of YouTubers and influencers including; Stevo The Madman, Johnny Carey, Darkest Man, Bash The Entertainer, Madame Joyce, Sharky, Harriet Rose and 90s Baby.

They will use their social media skills, viral marketing, targeted searches, speculation, and good old fashioned in person charm to find the best example person in each of the five categories to “Get in the Van”. Examples of these categories include; the person with the shortest dog, the person with the most tattoos, the person with the longest dreads, the person who looks most like Ed Sheeran, to name a few.

This fast-paced show is a comic celebration of human diversity. It is also about tact and persuasion. The overall winning team get the all-important bragging rights and the overall losing team must complete a humiliating forfeit.

Matthew Worthy, Joint MD, Stellify Media said: “Please watch Get in the Van as soon as you get the chance. It’s an outrageous idea from Sam Pollard, beautifully crafted by Acclaimed Content, and led by America and Spuddz, the smartest, funniest, most ridiculous people I have met all year.”

Anton InwoodCo-FounderAcclaimed Content said: “Get In the Van is a fast paced ride you don’t want to miss. It’s been a pleasure collaborating with Stellify Media on this series and bringing this idea to life. We had an ambitious vision for the style of the series and the team pulled it off, we are thrilled for everyone to see the end product.”

Get in the Van is a co-production with Stellify Media and Acclaimed Content for Channel 4.0. It has been commissioned by Joe Churchill, Digital Commissioning Editor at Channel 4. Executive Producer for Stellify Media is Tracie O’Neill. Anton Inwood and Ché Chumber are Executive Producing for Acclaimed Content.

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