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GB News’ Dougie Beattie explores the Great Migration of 1718 in New England

Date Posted: July 10, 2024

GB News correspondent Dougie Beattie has embarked on a revelatory journey through New England, capturing largely untold information and footage to bring to life the story of The Great Migration of 1718 from Ulster to The New World.

Supported by Northern Ireland Screen’s Ulster-Scots Broadcast Fund, The Great Migration – A Tale of Two Cities aims to connect younger audiences with the rich history of the Ulster-Scots who courageously crossed the Atlantic and settled their families against all odds, in the face of adversity, forever shaping the future of both America and the United Kingdom.

Through compelling narratives from Ulster and American Contributors,  the GB News team explores the trials, triumphs, and lasting legacy of these early Ulster-Scots settlers. This accurately depicted adventure takes viewers through key ancestral and historic sites, unveiling personal stories and uncovering the indomitable spirit of the Ulster-Scots. The team’s journey not only highlights the significant contributions of these immigrants but also ignites a conversation about our shared heritage and the profound impact of these early pioneers.

Join Dougie Beattie and GB News as they delve into this fascinating chapter of history, inspiring a new generation to discover and celebrate the legacy of our Ulster-Scots ancestors during a two hour Twelfth of July Special on Friday 12th July from 10am – 12pm. The eight short films are also being shown on GB News in the week leading up to the Twelfth.

For more information and to follow the journey, visit and join the conversation on social media using #UlsterScots1718.

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