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Creative Animation Application Call

Date Posted: May 5, 2020

Northern Ireland Screen’s Creative Animation Scheme is designed to develop Northern Ireland resident junior creators/animators through the production of animated short films. The scheme provides junior level creators/animators with the opportunity to develop their own ideas with support from established animation companies.

The scheme is supported via funding from the Screen Fund and BFI Network. Northern Ireland Screen will support the production of up to two animated short films through funding awarded in the financial year 2020-21.

The scheme is currently open for applications with a deadline of Monday 29th June 2020.


The scheme is open to Northern Ireland based animation companies which have identified emerging talent that could be supported through this funding to develop and create animated short films. The identified individual (creator/animator) should not be a principal of the company and should not currently be working in IP generation.

The scheme is designed to ensure that the animation company can provide the support and guidance needed for the creator/animator to deliver a quality animated short film on schedule and budget. As such the applicant animation company must have a substantive base. This includes:

  • Long term premises in Northern Ireland;
  • At least 5 full time employees which can include people on short term contracts;
  • The facilities to produce and deliver an animated short film

Please read the Creative Animation Call Guidelines for more information about the opportunity and how to apply.

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