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Belfast based Soft Leaf Studios wins the ‘Most Dedicated Studio’ award at The Game Accessibility Awards

Date Posted: January 26, 2024

Soft Leaf Studios, a pioneering games development studio based in Belfast, has been honoured  with the esteemed ‘Most Dedicated Studio’ award at The Game Accessibility Awards. The recognition comes as a testament to the studio’s unwavering commitment to making gaming accessible to all.

The Game Accessibility Conference (GAconf) Awards acknowledge and applaud individuals and studios pushing the boundaries of accessibility in gaming. With 19 categories shortlisted by a panel of experts, and winners determined through a combination of public and jury votes, Soft Leaf Studios won the award for making the most significant and consistent efforts in the field.

At the heart of Soft Leaf Studios’ mission is a dedication to creating inclusive gaming experiences. The studio, led by Creative Director Conor Bradley and Art Director Clare Bradley, a dynamic husband-and-wife duo, is renowned for its commitment to developing video games that transcend barriers and cater to diverse audiences. Their approach involves close collaboration with disabled and neurodiverse communities, ensuring that every aspect of their games is designed with accessibility in mind.

Conor Bradley, who operates from his home in Belfast, extends the studio’s impact beyond game development by conducting workshops across the UK. These sessions serve to raise awareness and advocate for a future where gaming is accessible to all, regardless of ability or background.

One of Soft Leaf Studios’ flagship projects, ‘Stories of Blossom,’ funded by Northern Ireland Screen, exemplifies their inclusive ethos. The game follows the journey of Clara, the protagonist, as she breathes life into three captivating tales passed down by her grandfather. Through Clara’s adventures as an adventurer, astronaut, and pirate, players embark on whimsical journeys, befriending adorable creatures and solving their endearing dilemmas.

Receiving the ‘Most Dedicated Studio’ award underscores Soft Leaf Studios’ pivotal role in championing accessibility in the gaming industry.

To find out more about Soft Leaf Studios here

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