Production Funding

Game of Thrones filming in Northern Ireland

Feature Film, Television and Digital Content Production Funding

Northern Ireland Screen offers production funding in the form of a recoupable loan. The fund is intended to assist in completing budgets on productions which are almost fully financed. Northern Ireland Screen will not consider a production with less than 65% of its funding already in place.

Northern Ireland Screen is looking for productions which contribute to building a sustainable screen industry in Northern Ireland and which can show a direct economic benefit to the region.

Projects must be commercially viable and able to demonstrate clear possibilities for commercial exploitation. In the case of feature films, the attachment of an experienced sales agent will be an asset, as will domestic or USA distribution. For television, an expression of interest from a network broadcaster is preferable.

Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom and therefore the UK film and television tax breaks apply.  Please see the related links on this page for further information on the UK feature film and high-end TV tax breaks.

How much is it?

The Northern Ireland Screen Fund, for feature film, television and digital content production funding, can invest a maximum of £800,000, up to a ceiling of 25% of the overall project budget. However, very few projects are awarded the maximum amount.

Who can apply?

The Northern Ireland Screen Fund is open to all legally incorporated companies who can fulfill the British Cultural Criteria and the Project Criteria.   

Incoming productions will be required to spend a proportion of the total production budget in Northern Ireland. As a guide, we normally expect a 5:1 spend ratio.

How do I apply?

If you are interested in applying to the Northern Ireland Screen Fund, we ask that you start by contacting Andrew Reid, Head of Production,  to discuss the project. If we decide the project could be eligible to receive support, you will be requested to submit further details through an Expression of Interest form, available once you have spoken to us. 

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