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Short Steps 2012-13 - Promoting a Short Film Culture

Shorts Steps 2012-13 is a short film development scheme aimed at indigenous entry-level and emerging creative talent. This is a training scheme specifically for those who have previously not participated in a Short Steps programme.

The scheme will comprise a number of seminars focusing on the development, direction and production of short film, with a view to instilling best practice and recognizable industry standards, as well as to promote further a culture of short film in Northern Ireland and to reaffirm the importance of the genre in film production generally.

Applications are now open for Short Steps 2012-13. In order to assist in the selection process of potential participants on Short Steps 2012-13 and in preparation for the scheme, Northern Ireland Screen is hosting two events: an open screening of short films at QFT and a briefing session for writers.

Full details of the scheme and associated events, application forms and guidelines are all available in the Business & Skills section of our website.



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