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London 2012 Festival premieres new film by Joel Simon

As part of the London 2012 Festival, MACROPOLIS, an animated short film by Joel Simon, will premiere on Sunday 8th July at 12 noon at the London 2012 Live Site; Belfast City Hall's Big Screen.

Joel Simon, creator of On the Air with Gerry Anderson and Buska&Barney, will present the world premiere screening of  MACROPOLIS. It promises to be a wonderful family event supporting local talent.

MACROPOLIS is the story of two toys, cat and dog, who are physically impaired. Discarded from a factory production line and coming to life, they rebel and chase the factory delivery van in the hope of rejoining their friends. Lost in the unfamiliar, urban big city, they are overwhelmed by the human world around them. By reinterpreting the world that now surrounds them, through their unique perspectives, they begin to play with littered everyday objects to find their way back.

Commissioned by the Unlimited programme for the London 2012 Festival, MACROPOLIS is the first of its kind in animation for Flickerpix. Shot entirely on the streets of Belfast, it was made using a unique blend of stop motion animation, time lapse photography and CGi. Joel is one of 29 disabled artists across the UK commissioned by the programme, celebrating the best in disabled and deaf artists across the UK for the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

MACROPOLIS will be exhibiting at W5, The Odyssey, from JULY 9 – AUGUST 29 as will be a highlight of Animation Week at QFT, AUGUST 24 – AUGUST 27. For more info on these events please visit

Championing the determination and motivation of its central disabled characters in a light hearted and fun loving manner, MACROPOLIS celebrates the Paralympic spirit of human endeavour, leaving no sense that their physical impairments are obstacles to success.

Joel Simon, Flickerpix’ creative director and recipient of the Unlimited commission has this to say: "MACROPOLIS is my first new short film in 5 years. In the meantime I have directed a lot of TV series, and commercials, and the failure of one such TV ad pitch, resulted in the birth of my most challenging and experimental project to date. I feel privileged to be one of 29 disabled artists chosen by the Unlimited programme to produce this film as part of the London 2012 Festival. After all these years, stop motion animation is still my favourite medium and this film explores a new way of combining stop motion animation and time lapse photography, removing the safety and contrivance of the indoor studios and unleashing the characters into the ‘real world’. I chose to forego the use of dialogue as I want this film to transcend language as well as the subject of disability and resonate with all people and children worldwide."

The London 2012 Festival is a twelve-week festival of the arts. As finale of the Cultural Olympiad, the Festival runs parallel to the Olympic and Paralympic Games taking place in Northern Ireland between midsummer’s day, 21 June 2012, and the last day of the Paralympic Games, 9 September 2012.

Cian Smyth, London 2012 Creative Programmer, Arts Council of Northern Ireland said; "Unlimited has been one of the most exciting outcomes of the Cultural Olympiad for us at the Arts Council of Northern Ireland. The opportunity for us to recognise some of our best disabled artists and commission them at the ambitious level they aspire to is one legacy of the Games that has proved truly valuable. Joel’s work on MACROPOLIS is something that everyone is excited to see across the UK as part of our London 2012 Festival programme, and we are excited about the level of acclaim we know Joel will receive when the work is finally presented."

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