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Filmtrip productions kickstart their comedy puppet series

Belfast-based production company Filmtrip have been developing an adult comedy puppet series called The Beat Hotel. For 3 years they have been working with creative people from Galway to Germany, from Belfast to San Francisco. In that time a pilot episode & character virals have been scripted, financed & shot and over the last few months people from around the world have been ‘Checking In’ to The Beat Hotel, watching clips of content and hanging out across different platforms.

During the 4 years of Filmtrip's operation they have created a diverse range of content married with technical know-how, from the Belfast Music & Literary Belfast iPhone apps through to emotional response cinema that was selected to have it's international premiere at the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas, this year.

With a background in music events, fashion, feature film production and music production, the creative and production team have had many successes over the years. This new project The Beat Hotel Show is moving into the new area of web series and multi-platform interactions with audiences.

Due to the first round of Creative Industries Innovations Fund that Filmtrip received to create the pilot episode and interactive hotel interface, they have been able to continue to grow the world of The Beat Hotel.

In the subsequent 18 months of receiving CIIF Filmtrip have built on this with the online momentum releasing regular video and podcasts, and building an international audience towards running an online crowd-sourcing campaign to assist in the financing of the 1st series.

The crowd-sourcing platform that the campaign will run on is the best in the world and is called Kickstarter Kickstarter is a funding platform for artists, designers, filmmakers and musicians where anyone can donate a sum of money and receive a reward for supporting the project. Kickstarter is all or nothing - if you don't reach the campaign goal then no money changes hands. Filmtrip's campaign will run for 30 days starting on Monday 3rd October.

Filmtrip have worked with No Mimes Media from Los Angeles to set this campaign in motion and Glow Marketing in San Fransisco consulting on the release strategy and PR. check the website :

Filmtrip has also worked with a diverse range of local artists and business since the birth of this project from web design to puppet operating, from independent film makers to poets, from musicians to illustrators. All of these skills have helped to produce unique and stylised experiences and content across a range of platforms and outputs. To access the world of The Beat Hotel

In the previous few months 3 new members of staff have joined Filmtrip through Armstrong Learning with support from Department of Education and Learning. Brendan Burns, Jamie Neish and Victor Henriquez have been core to the momentum and creative aspects of the campaign, researching crowd-sourcing platforms, creating the bi-monthly podcasts and editing the soon-to-be-released Sham & Marlow, a puppet side-series to support The Beat Hotel.

As of today, Monday 3rd October, The Beat Hotel Kickstarter campaign page goes LIVE :

Please spread the word and support the campaign to be part of the madness and help this unique multi-platform world come to life.


As a way to help promote this campaign - and also because we can't resist the fun of seeing what other people come up with - we are running a mashup competition. This involves releasing a bunch of the photos & footage that were shot during the pilot episode of the show, for people to create their own content.

The best 'Beat Hotel Campaign Promo' video clip or photo that is posted to our Flickr Group will be selected by Filmtrip at the end of a succesful Kickstarter campaign and the winner will have a caricature puppet of them feature in the show. To access the photos and videos for the competition go to this page


The Beat Hotel is a Class 13 hotel, meaning bottom of the barrel, a place that is required by law to meet only minimum health and safety standards. It’s run by Sherri Martini, a hippy who believes in free love and payment in trade rather than money, with a penchant for young Jim Morrison look-a-likes.

She hasn’t lost her goal of keeping it beatnik, with some of the residents from that time, some from the present, and even one or two from well before the 60’s.

From Rusty Lane, the 101 year old burlesque dancer, through to Jim Fawndah, the resident gym instructor, from Beau Bronson, the slightly psychotic hotel janitor, to Klaus Von Klappershlange the taxidermist, there is a general air of madness and never a dull moment.

The bohemian clientele sometimes pay the rent with paintings or manuscripts & they can paint and decorate their rented rooms any way they want. Sherri makes sure you don’t forget the famous guests from back in the day including Allen Ginsberg & William Burroughs, who completed the text of Naked Lunch there.

Do you want to check in to The Beat Hotel?


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